NSSTI's primary objective is to stimulate public knowledge and appreciation of the contributions of earth and space science and technology to our lives and wellbeing in the 21st Century and beyond. NSSTI is making space science and scientists more accessible to underserved school populations and the general population with special emphasis on the generations of younger people who are our future technology workforce and those who will continue to explore the relationship between earth and space and our human existence. Support of these efforts produces a better-prepared knowledge-based workforce and general public and, therefore, can contributes to significant discoveries, leading to important practical applications that will secure our Nation's position as a leader in science and technology for the free world today and for the tomorrows to come.

Our Vision

Through collaboration with like-minded organizations and scientist-educators, NSSTI will expand opportunities for students, teachers and the general public to learn and engage in scientific inquiry relating to Earth’s environment and space, creating excitement leading to greater participation in STEM-related higher education programs that feed technological career fields and create a more scientifically literate public. Our vision starts in Colorado with a desire to impact minority and female students currently underrepresented in STEM degree programs and the technology workforce, and validate new and engaging approaches to making environmental and space science more relevant to our citizenry. Once validated, NSSTI programs can be replicated to serve other communities in other state

We seek to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and educate the public to understand and make informed decisions around issues such as preserving our atmosphere and natural resources and responding effectively to the impact of solar activity on Earth’s environment and human activity.

Our Goals

Expose increasing numbers of students of all ages to the benefits of technology drawing upon the excitement of space and the extensive scientific resources available through like-minded organizations in the Pikes Peak region and along the front range.

Engage and fairly compensate scientist educators in creating and presenting innovative informal education programs and activities that encourage minority and female students underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math higher education programs and the technology workforce to pursue further STEM education and employment in related career fields

Enlist the support of Colorado governmental, military, corporate and nonprofit organizations to collaborate in initiatives to raise awareness and create a more scientifically literate public able to comprehend and respond appropriately to perceived threats to our environment.

Generate community, regional, and national financial support to allow programs validated to enhance STEM education to be replicated to reach students throughout the Pikes Peak region, across Colorado and beyond by securing necessary funding for developing, implementing and expanding earth and space science education and public outreach programs so they remain current and relevant.

The National Space Science & Technology Institute (NSSTI) is a qualified organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. (Federal ID No. 84-1374681).