The Mission of the National Space Science & Technology Institute is to enlighten, inspire, and engage students, teachers, professionals, and the public in the adventure and possibilities of space science and technology.
Star Light--Star Bright Observatory
 Edge of Space Missions

VISION: Develop informal space science education and public outreach activities and programs that serve pre-K through 12th grade students by utilizing NSSTI's Star Light--Star Bright Observatory, Edge of Space Exploration program, and soon the Mobile Earth & Space Observatory (MESO) in order to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and educate the public as well.



GOALS: Generate community, regional, national support for developing exciting educational space science programs like NSSTI's Edge of Space Exploration program; a mobile observatory; building a remotely operated observatory on the Summit of Pikes Peak; and securing necessary funding for planning, developing, and implementing space science education and public outreach programs for young and old alike.